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What People Say

Over the years, Workshop has touched the lives of thousands of people. Since the early 1980’s, people have come to Workshop weekends to learn, grow and develop in their faith.

These people have gone on to discover or deepen their vocations, rekindle their faith, or even teach Workshop courses themselves. This page is a chance for you to hear from Workshop participants about how it has affected them.

Personal Growth

  • "Workshop is one of the most fulfilling courses I have attended."
  • "Workshop increased my vision."

Exploring Faith

  • "Workshop gives the opportunity to question and probe deeply into difficult material."
  • "Workshop encourages people to grapple with the way scripture, tradition and culture inter-relate."

Expanding Horizons

  • "Workshop gave me the skills I needed for critical reflection on contemporary issues."
  • "My interaction with people from different church backgrounds was a source of personal growth and development."

Looking to the Future

  • "Workshop enabled me to broaden my outlook, deepen my faith and prepare me for more effective service in the wider community."
  • "Workshop teaching moved beyond just intellectual ideas to practical application."
  • "As a result of Workshop, I am now looking through a much bigger window."


How can Workshop teaching benefit you, your church or community?

Find free learning resources on our Workshop Source page; or let us bring Workshop to you with our bespoke Workshop Focus days.

Feedback from our recent Focus Days:

  • "Fascinating and enthralling subject matter. Life changing in many ways. Very welcoming and well hosted."
  • "Excellent- If anything, needed more time. Felt very energised by the day."





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