Peace & Power

Peace & Power
Being vocal, political and spiritual

This Peace & Power weekend explores and develops key themes:

Peace and Wholeness
- shalom as the basis for ethical action
Gospel of Peace
- evangelism as the proclamation of God's shalom to all
Ecology and Environment
- understanding the gospel as deep 'green'
Companions with Creation
- living as the meek that inherit the earth
Power & Weakness
-  strength perfected by powerlessness
Church and State
-  the nature of the state and the Christian response within it
Peace and War
- the challenge of 'just war' and nonviolence
Crime and Justice
- what does it really mean to put things right?

Plus optional Saturday evening, 18.00-21.00

‘A Force More Powerful’
- a simple meal with discussion around archive film-clips

Open to non-weekend participants. Contributions towards the cost of the meal.


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