Re-Imagining Hope

Re-Imagining Hope
Living at the edge of time

This Re-Imagining Hope weekend explores and develops key themes:

The Hope
- assumptions, opinions and expectations
The Vision
- shalom/wholeness: the panorama of biblical hope
The Challenge
- mishpat/judgement: the impact of biblical hope
The Kingdom
- Jesus and the future breaking in ahead of time
The End
- the parousia and the resurrection
The Climax
- final judgement and eternal destiny
The Consequences
- living today a lifestyle shaped by hope
The Questions
- a continuing conversation around the themes of hope

Plus optional Saturday evening 18.00- 21.00:

Stories of Hope
- a simple meal sharing experiences and expressions of hope

Open to non-weekend participants. Contributions towards the cost of the meal.


Re-Imagining Hope note (PDF) | 1.38 MB