What is Workshop?

***Workshop is an exciting Christian learning programme that is available to men and women with busy lives, people who have the demands and responsibilities of work, local church and family life.

The course has been running since 1983, during which time thousands of participants have completed the programme. People have come from all the major Christian denominations and beyond to study together. In doing so they have gained

  • strong theological understanding
  • historical background
  • contemporary insight
  • vision
  • hope
  • an enthusiasm to apply what they have learned practically in their own lives, their local church or community and the world around them

In an atmosphere of friendship, you will meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and a broad range of experiences. Some will have church leadership responsibility, while others are just beginning to discover faith for themselves, working through doubts and questions; but all aspire to learn and make their lives spiritually significant. Few are able to attend full-time theological training, all want the stimulus to think and to learn; many find more than they ever hoped for or expected.

Workshop is an initiative of Anvil Trust and exists solely to run training courses that are designed to serve both local churches and individuals in their exploration and experimentation with truth. Its specific aim is to equip participants for the ongoing challenges of church life and secular society. To this end Workshop brings together a quality of teaching resources that it is often difficult to provide in a local setting, making them available at four regional centers to provide: -

  • biblical study
  • spiritual development
  • vision and values
  • leadership skills
  • ethical debate
  • challenging questions
  • inter-church ethos
  • history and story
  • enabling and empowering
  • practical theology
  • creative communication

Workshop is a celebration of truth, the learning and discovery of which we believe should be a joy. Together, learners and teachers work to discover God amid certainty, mystery and paradox. We are sensitive to the differences between the various traditions of the church, and aim to increase understanding about the reasons behind the sincerely held opposing views. Participants learn how to think rather than teachers insisting on what they must think. Questions are not provided with easy answers.

On Workshop we are able to structure the material in the most creative and relevant way possible. The course is not primarily academic, but neither is it superficial. By building on experience it has developed a quality, depth, range and diversity in its subject matter which is very extensive within a timescale that is realistic.

Here is learning in a complete sense; stretching minds and exciting hearts, seeing people develop a more mature and radical spirituality shaped by its focus on the person of Jesus in the power of the Spirit.