What People Say

workshop student
Workshop envisions and empowers people. Former participants are now working in their home churches or across the world with greater confidence, maturity and effectiveness. Others have gone on to further study. Here is what some of them have to say.

Anglican - Rosemary Bintcliffe, St Philip & St Jacob, Bristol
"The course was a springboard for my own spiritual growth and development, expanding my horizons. Doors which seemed closed are now open. It provides an open and safe forum in which to explore the more challenging areas of faith and to discuss the questions with which many of us struggle. It sheds fresh light on familiar subjects from different perspectives. I watched so many people visibly change as a result of participating in the course - there is something for everyone who wants to grow."

Baptist - Neil Brighton, Keyworth Baptist Church, Nottingham
"The course gave me the confidence for further study. It encourages students to grapple with the way scripture, tradition and culture inter-relate. It is of immense value to those who continue their existing roles in local churches and the voluntary sector by encouraging the skills needed for critical reflection on contemporary issues."

Brethren - Phyl Menhinick, Belmont Chapel, Exeter
"As a nurse doing shifts it was ideal. I was amazed and challenged by the breadth and depth of the course. The notes are detailed and have served as an excellent resource ever since. I enjoyed the relaxed style. Interactions with other students from different church backgrounds were a source of personal growth and development."

Catholic - Madelene Heraghty, Our Lady"s Catholic Church, Nottingham
"It increased my vision. The Bible is much more meaningful, because I now know the history behind it. Before I was looking through a small window, as a result of the course I am now looking through a much bigger window."

Chinese Church - Paul Woods, Chinese Christian Church, Sheffield
"It integrates both testaments into a single whole. Seeing where faith has come from made it easier to see where we should be going. Sessions on the gospel and society were powerful. I also enjoyed the teaching on meditation and reflection. It is practical and applied yet sufficiently theological for maturing Christians and church leaders. Outstanding!"

Independent - Des Figueiredo, Icthus Christian Fellowship, Balham, London
"The effect on my life was significant. I was challenged and stretched to think through issues, not just theological, but ethical and social. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to everyone who is serious about learning, growing and developing their gifts and skills."

workshop student

Mennonite - Will Newcomb, Wood Green Mennonite Church, London
"The course gave me the opportunity to do a period of study over a wide range of topics in a way that I could not have tackled short of attending a bible college; an option not open to me. Participants from different traditions experienced a holistic approach to learning, structured to aid thinking through a personal response to the teaching with the result that it moved beyond mere intellectual engagement to practical embodiment."

Methodist - Jane Baldock, Waltham Chase Methodist, Southampton
"My most formative Christian experience. Meeting people from different backgrounds, working in groups, worshiping together, varied and stimulating teaching. The opportunity to question and probe deeply into difficult material. It was thoughtful yet passionate, authoritative yet open to questioning. Achieved in a caring, supportive atmosphere. I have drawn on the material since in leading Bible Studies and in speaking of my faith to other people."

Pentecostal - Felicia Ansah, House of Faith Bible Church, Acton, London
"One of the most fulfilling courses I have attended. It sensitively challenges our understanding, leaving us questioning and rethinking our ideas. It has afforded me a greater opportunity to study with people from other cultural standpoints, which has helped me to become more broad minded in my own views and tolerant of others. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone."

Quaker - Bernard & Gina Crenn, Warwick Friends Meeting
"It enabled us, as development workers in Vietnam, to bridge the gap between what gives meaning to our lives and those of other lifestyles, traditions and religions. It has equipped us to be creative both in understanding and in finding ways to be better agents of transformational development, that is to bring hope and positive changes in others lives. The success of the course lies in its non-threatening and engaging way of challenging our assumptions and leading us to a broader and inclusivist worldview."

Salvation Army - Sarah Mitchell, Upper Norwood Salvation Army, London
"The course was a time of teaching one weekend a month, which permeated through my thinking all the days in between. It was great to be able to mix and share with different people on a deep level. It was very well planned and thought out into an interesting and coherent sequence. Now, living as a missionary in Latvia, I often refer to the notes and find that the teaching I received was a real foundation to much of my thinking."

United Reformed - Geoff Ellis, St Andrews URC, Leeds
"This course enabled me to express my Christian faith. As a local church elder I received more than I could have expected in the variety and depth of the ideas presented. I was challenged to understand beyond denominational and cultural barriers the significance of the Christian message. It resulted in training to be a worship leader and preacher in the United Reformed Church."

Some Christian organisations and leaders comment on the Workshop programme

Bible Society
- Rev Dr Martin Robinson: Director of Mission and Theology (1987-2002)
"I have been enormously impressed with the calibre of the students, the quality of the curriculum, the ability of the various lecturers, and the clear application that the students seem to be able to make in terms of the content of the course. Past students frequently tell me how helpful the programme was in developing their potential."

Christian Research
- Dr Peter Brierley: Executive Director
"An excellent course. It is simply written, brilliantly presented and found to be helpful by the many thousands who have already attended it. Rigorously honed it ensures its elements are relevant, interesting and up to date. This particular course is of an exceptionally high standard and is especially worthwhile."

Christian Vocations
- Paul Lindsay: Centre Director
"I heartily commend this course to you. We are often called upon to recommend training establishments and programmes. We have known of this course for a number of years. Their level of quality and effective training, based on personal assessment and independent testimonials, means we can highly commend and endorse this study programme."

Church Missionary Society
- Bridget Carr: Personnel Officer
"I have been able to observe how this course has benefited people who are now working for mission here and abroad. They have gained a broad perspective of the Christian faith and enjoyed dialogue with Christians of quite different views. It has given them sensitivity towards people of other backgrounds, cultures and faiths. As a result this course has a valuable contribution to make to the church today."

College of St Mark & St John, Plymouth
- Dr Paul Grosch: Chair of Theology & Philosophy
"It provides a solid foundation for further studies in theology. It encourages open methods of inquiry linked with respect for scholarship. It provides a much-needed set of challenges to those who wish to pursue theological studies at a higher academic level and represents an excellent non-traditional route into higher education."

Global Connections
- Stanley Davies: Executive Director
"This innovative course provides quality teaching that is accessible to busy people. The integration of the different areas of study is one of the great strengths of the course which is comprehensive and challenging. It offers valuable learning experience for Christians preparing for service in their community, profession and local church. It will also provide a good foundation for those preparing for service overseas."

King's College, London
- Professor Andrew Walker: Director of MA in Theology and Education
"The course is a welcome academic innovation providing ecumenical and academic access to higher education. I can pay the course no higher praise than saying that I would treat the qualification as seriously as an ordination certificate from a reputable seminary."

Maranatha Community
- Dennis Wrigley: Community Leader
"We are a dispersed community of 10,000 members (Catholic and Protestant) deeply involved in work for those in need in their neighbourhoods. Many of our members have been involved in this course and its integrity and academic excellence mean we commend it without hesitation. It enables people to broaden their outlook, deepen their faith and prepare themselves for more effective service in the wider community. Its Christian foundations are solid and it fulfils a unique role, both in the life of the church and society as a whole."

Shaftesbury Society
- Mary Bishop: Chief Executive
"Workshop has gifted teachers and as an organisation we have been blessed by both their knowledge and their approach. It's good that Christians of all denominations can learn and grow together and the Workshop course provides an opportunity for openness and debate. We are also very excited by anything that inspires Christians to get involved with their local communities."

Spurgeon's College
- Rev Dr Nigel Wright: Principal
"This course has made available resources for a quality of education and training which local congregations are rarely able to supply from within themselves. For some it has been an appropriate stepping stone for work at degree level. Participants speak of the quality of the materials produced, and the creative ways in which communication takes place. I have been impressed by the rigour and professionalism of the course in all respects."