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Workshop Ethos



Workshop FoundationsShalom Ethos Workshop Christian Education

Workshop sees the biblical concept of shalom – usually translated peace, but better understood as ‘wholeness, completeness, wellbeing, harmony, and the integrity of all things’ – as foundational.

Shalom shapes the learning atmosphere and ensures a holistic approach to ideas. Shalom creates a focus of hope, and nurtures a spirituality that is both contemplative and activist.



Workshop Spirituality

Firstly, the person of Jesus is central: seen as the primary revelation of God’s character, who calls for a radical spirituality empowered by the Spirit. Workshop draws on an inclusive spirituality, sourced from the broadest historical and global Christian traditions: *

  • Contemplative – the meditative and prayer filled life
  • Radical – the Jesus-centered and alternative experimental life
  • Holiness – the virtuous, distinctive and godly life
  • Social Justice – the compassionate and activist life
  • Evangelical – the scripture and witness focused life
  • Wisdom – the insightful, practical and creatively applied life
  • Charismatic – the Spirit empowered and gifted life
  • Liberal – the truthfully rational and critically questioning life
  • Incarnational – the invisible truth made present in sacramental life
  • Inter-faith – the desire to learn from those following a different spiritual life

This ecumenical spirituality is at the heart of the Workshop ethos … celebrating difference and diversity!

* Freely adapted and expanded from an idea in Streams of Living Water by the Quaker author Richard J Foster


Workshop Teaching Ethos

Workshop In Practice

The way we teach and learn on Workshop is built on our spirituality and foundational values. This Workshop ethos creates an atmosphere where…

Everyone is welcome: Every participant is empowered and included, with community seen as central. Workshop respects variety in spiritual journeys and creates a space for inter-faith encounter. Workshop encourages participants to learn from each other, and this includes the teachers too.

Questions are honoured: Workshop recognises doubt as vital to faith. It stresses how, rather than what to think, relishing debate and engaging with moral and intellectual challenges.

Growth is encouraged: Workshop celebrates living by values. The teaching emphasises peace, justice and creation and takes the Biblical text seriously. Participants’ spiritual growth is nurtured. As a result, Workshop cultivates and inspires dreams, creativity and activism.