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'I genuinely believe that in Workshop thinking and teaching, and Peacemeal creativity and community, we are working with ideas, understandings and possibilities that really can change the world.' Noel Moules - founder of Workshop.

Since 1983, we have been nourishing dreams and deepening faith. We want to keep inspiring new generations to live out their Christian faith in creative, shalom-inspired and Jesus-centred ways. To do this, we need your support.

We cannot continue our work without the generous support of people like you. Even a small one-off gift means so much to us. If you would like to, you can also become a regular supporter of Workshop. Fill out the form below to make a secure donation as a one-off, or monthly. Thank you.

Give the gift of free education

All of the resources on our Workshop Source pages are free. We want everyone to benefit from dynamic, inspiring teaching - so we're giving ours away to groups and individuals all around the world.

Your donation enables us to keep creating and sharing these resources - including keeping this website online!

  • "Wonderful day of thinking about Shalom. What it means and how we might live in it. Much food for thought!"
  • "As a result of Workshop, I am now looking through a much bigger window."
Workshop christian education community

Grow the Workshop Community

Our dream is that the launch of the Workshop-Peacemeal websites will cause a stir of real excited interest: re-engaging thousands who have already been connected with Workshop (as students, team members or enthusiastic allies). We also hope to attract new teachers and organise more events and training days.

Your donation could help us nurture our existing community and draw in thousands more people.


Workshop's Global Vision

We believe that our values, vision and distinctive understanding of the Christian faith will capture the imagination of people all around the world, both within Christianity and far beyond.

We are looking to expand all over the world in local expressions of Workshop, empowering local people to carry the Workshop vision into their own context. Your donation helps us to invest in new expressions of Workshop.

Workshop christian education community