Workshop is committed to creating Jesus-centered learning environments for spiritual formation and applied spirituality: welcoming those at the heart of the faith, at the edge of faith and wider than the faith. It is shalom envisioned, scripture serious, values focused, inclusive, empowering and inspires activism.

Workshop is in process of radical and exciting change!

Since 1983 we have focused on drawing people to learning weekends at key venues around the UK, we are now planning a range of activities to connect with the maximum number of people both locally and globally.

Workshop aims to use its experience and resources to inspire and empower people wherever they live. It will take time to fully develop all our ideas; initially we are working on the following:

  • Workshop Focus:

    • a one-off day, in collaboration with churches or groups, dedicated to a single theme

      Workshop Focus:

      These one-off days are the most obvious development from the Workshop weekends of the past. They will run from 10.00 am- 5.00 pm, on a day of your choice. They will follow a single theme drawn from our extensive resources, crafted to meet different learning styles and interests; whether nurturing spirituality, developing understanding or inspiring activism. We hope to run these days in partnership with local churches, retreat houses, spirituality centers and any groups eager to engage with stimulating and inspiring ideas.

      For more information or to discuss available themes, email –

  • Workshop Peacemeal:

    • exploring the creative and community-building possibilities of breaking bread

      Workshop Peacemeal:

      The only physical gift Jesus left with which to nurture spirituality; to build community and share his message with the world was a table with food on. The Peacemeal has huge potential in drawing people together in small groups, stimulating ideas, discussion, thought and action. It is both flexible and local: empowering ordinary people to take initiative and leadership around a simple meal. It is nonthreatening to cautious participants. It has the potential to impact large numbers of people with radical spiritual ideas deep within local communities. Because people are often hesitant as to how to stimulate conversations around the table, Workshop hopes to produce a series of brief discussion starters - ‘Firelighters’ - to help in this process. We may also host a number of Peacemeal teaching and sharing days across the country to raise awareness and understanding.

      For more information about Peacemeals, email –

  • Workshop Bespoke:

    • offering groups learning or training around themes of their particular choice

      Workshop Bespoke:

      Very often local churches or groups would like the opportunity to have someone from outside of their community to help them explore a particular topic or idea of their choice. This could be in the format of leading a retreat, with time away for thinking, learning, quiet and prayer; to helping them grapple with a tough theological issue about which there is disagreement. We on the Workshop team have the skills and experience to put together an event to meet your exact requirements.

      For more information or to talk about your particular request, email –

  • Workshop Prime:

    • the full traditional Workshop course using both online and gathered approaches

      Workshop Prime:

      Since 1983 the main Workshop programme has been crafted into a ‘carousel’ of 15 themes (in the past each theme made up a full Workshop weekend). It is hoped to make this learning experience available to a much wider range of people (to study at their own time and at their own pace) by putting the resources online in the form of video teaching, notes in PDF format, occasional webinars and regular ‘gathered events’ for groups in particular areas (as appropriate) for discussion and mentoring.

      For more information, email –

We would value your prayer and support for these new Workshop developments. If you would like to know more or to become involved, please email us: